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Gino di Prospero

Gino Di Prospero was born in San Felice Circeo (Latina, southern Lazio). Since his early years he has shown a strong aptitude towards painting, and, at the beginning of the 1970s, he was associated and committed on a regular basis with the workshops of various Roman artists, among which is the name of Master Tornabuoni with the mythical studio in via dei Riari.

In the initial phase of his artistic life, Gino Di Prospero favoured topics linked to the Far East. This choice was due to the empathy immediately risen between his outgoing warm-hearted as well as his sanguine temper and the warm lighting and the chromatic shades of those scenarios. With the publication of his "Colours of the Soul" catalog 2008/2009, the artist senses an inner thrust, a transformation that manifests itself with an evident explosion of colour, chromatic gesture, energetic, decisive, which increases furthermore, when he mainly represents subjects with the sea and its surroundings, recalling childhood memories, when on the shores he used to spend most of his time every day.  

The sea canvasses are presented to the public without a frame, as a matter of fact, how can you cling the sea? The shapes on the canvas forcefully come out, rich in color, attracting and involving the subjects and everything around them. A pictorial strength has been arising from the artist irrepressibly and increases every day more even in virtue of the Triennale di Verona, June 12, 2016, where he won the First Prize of Criticism by the Critique Committee chaired by Prof. Vittorio Sgarbi. Di Prospero currently lives and works in Latina and retreats in his studio to shape his vibes.