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Gino Di Prospero was born in S. Felice Circeo (LT).

From a very early age he revealed a strong aptitude for painting, assiduously frequenting with commitment and regularity in the early seventies, the workshops of the various Roman artists, among which the master Tornabuoni stands out with his legendary studio in via dei Riari. Gino Di Prospero, in the first phase of his artistic life, prefers subjects linked to the Far East. A choice dictated by empathy that immediately established itself between its cordial, expansive temperament, even blood and warm lights, the chromatic pastures of those scenarios With the publication of its catalog "The colors of the soul" 2008/2009, the The artist feels an inner thrust, a transformation that manifests itself with an evident explosion of color, chromatic, energetic and decisive gesticulation, which increases more and more, when it mainly represents subjects with the sea and surroundings, recalling itself, childhood memories, where on the banks, where he spent whole days. The paintings of the sea are presented to the public without a free frame, in fact, how can the sea be caged? The shapes on the canvas come out strongly, rich in color, attract and involve the subjects and everything that surrounds them. A pictorial force that is coming out of the artist in an irrepressible manner and increases every day more and more also following the Triennale di Verona, June 12, 2016 where he won the First Critics Award assigned by the critical commission by prof. Vittorio Sgarbi. 

Di Prospero currently lives and works in Latina and expresses himself in his workshop where he withdraws to give shape to his feelings ...